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The Amity University logo is represented in a shield divided into dark blue and golden yellow sections by an upward sweeping line that depicts growth and progress in life, achievable through education. While the shield shape represents the resolute shelter of truth, two contrasting yet adjacent colours connote a blend of modernity with tradition. The dark blue with contemporary cues of technology, performance and advancement strikes a synergy with the golden yellow radiance of tradition, culture and values. The flame represents the purity and passion for knowledge, while the upper and lower parts of the flame replicate the arch of ‘A’ and the bend of ‘U’ respectively, the two leading alphabets of Amity University.

Ranked Top

  • Amity institutions are constantly ranked amongst the top.
  • Amity University has been ranked the no. 1 not-for-profit pvt. University (Source : Education Times)
  • Amity Business School has been ranked 7th amongst all Business Schools by the corporate world (Source : Business Today)

Industry Oriented Teaching

Practical industry-oriented teaching. Contemporary curriculum updated by Industry Advisory Board. Specialization in any of 8 areas with equal number of basket courses. Certificate courses in foreign business language, values and ethics, art appreciation, golf. Military training camps to inculcate leadership and patriotism.

Intensive Corporate Interaction

Over 1500 CEOs interact through CEO Dinner Series, CEO Forums and guest lectures. Corporate and Alumni Mentor for every student. Amity has organized or been academic partner to over 300 seminars. Amity is the only institution to have helped invite over 50 leading Gurus like Tom Peters, Kenichi Ohmae, Robert Kaplan, and Ricardo Semler over the last few years.


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Top Distance Universities Courses 2017-2019

Course NameApply Now
Post Graduate Degrees
MBA 2 yrs
Master of Financial Management (MFM)
MSc (Information Technology)
Post Graduate Diplomas
PG Diploma in Business Management
PG Diploma in Financial Management
PG Diploma in Material Management
PG Diploma in Human Resource Management
PG Diploma in Marketing Management
PG Diploma in Export Management
PG Diploma in Production and Operations Management
PG Diploma in Information Technology
PG Diploma in Logistic & Supply Chain Management
PG Diploma in French
PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
PG Diploma in Retail Management
PG Diploma in NGO Management
PG Diploma in Legal & Business Environment
PG Diploma in Networking Fundamental & Data Storage
PG Diploma in Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
PG Diploma in Corporate Finance
PG Diploma in International Business
PG Diploma in Hospitality Management
Executive Program in Business Management
Executive Program in Advertising and Brand Management
Executive Program in Insurance Management
PG Diploma in Big Data Analytics
Under Graduate Degrees
BBA 3 Years
BSc. (Information Technology)
Bachelor of Finance and Investment Analysis
B. Com
Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication
Bachelor of Tourism Administration
BA in Economics
BA in English
BBA in Retail Management

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