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B.A Distance Education

B.A Distance Education- Become Bachelor of Arts with distance learning

Distance learning is now in fashion because of its several benefits and because of this Distance Education is now offering B.A Distance Education program for students. But before you peruse for B.A course let me tell you the qualifications required for it. The student or participates must have 10+12 and percentage minimum percentage should be 40%. Besides this, as we offer various top universities and the cutoff of each university vary according to the education standard and cast of the students or candidate.
The course of duration of B.A Distance Education is 3 years and as usual divided into six semesters.

Besides this, students will get following things regarding the subject and universities:
1. Students have option to select their subject
We offer students to select the subjects they want in their B.A Distance Education and then peruse for their graduation degree in their chosen subjects.
2. Select university of your choice
As said before we offer large number of universities from all over the country. Through our distance learning program, students can go for their desired universities and then complete their degree from there. The students can now learn from any university without worrying about geographical barriers.
3. No need to worry about the reputation of the universities
We are the one who are reliable and we didn’t commit fake promises or provide fake information. We proudly say that we make students future bright by offering your courses from recognized universities like DEB or UCG.
After this, let’s know about the course structure of B.A Distance Education:
Our distance education program is always flexible and so with the case of our course. In the whole program the students will learn about humanity, social science and language discipline.

Although here is the full list of topics:
• In first semester, students taught about Art foundation subject.
• The number of arts discipline subjects taught to students is six and the number of art foundation subject is 1 and this is level 1 study.
• For level 2, there are sic art disciplines subjects are taught to participate.
• For level 3, there are also 6 art discipline subjects.
• The course also includes breadth subjects which is one in number.
Besides all of this, B.A Distance Education consist terms major and minor in which students will have to complete major which consist eight subjects in it.


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