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Here the best B.Com Fast Track Course!

College Dropout in B.COM?? If you say yes, don’t worry at all. Here, you can get a chance to complete your B.COM Graduation in one year with our offered fast-track course. As we offer proper counseling to our prospective students, you can easily contact us to set the right career path for your future. We will surely guide you as per your requirements.

Have a look at the some of the points which will help you in choosing your right point are as follows:

  1. Credit Transfer
  2. Lateral Entry
  3. Breaking Study

You Can Go With Credit Transfer

This option will suit you on which condition wherein you have completed your 1st year and 2nd year of your B.Com graduation program and you were unable to continue your 3rd year just because of that you have left the B.Com course in the middle of your graduate program. There is also another condition wherein you have left your 3rd year i.e. you got fail in the third year of your B.Com. So, in this situation, you need to contact us as we offer you our B.Com fast track course where you will be able to complete your graduation by getting admission directly in another university for completing your B.Com graduation in one year.

You Can Opt Lateral Entry

This option will vary in that situation wherein you have done diploma program in any particular stream. In this condition, you can directly take admission in 2nd or 3rd year in another UGC recognized university in order to complete your graduate program. Here, the conditions may vary from university to university where you will follow the university norms to get a B.Com degree in one year.

You Can Also Choose Breaking Study:

In this option, you can get a B.Com degree in one year if you have left your B.Com graduation program after completing the 1st year, 2nd year or 3rd year of your B.Com graduation program. In this condition, you can directly take admission in 3rd year to create the right path for your career. Through our B.Com fast track course, you can get enroll yourself in another UGC recognized university but make sure you should have three years of an educational gap after done your intermediate school.

Want to know about B.Com Distance Education? Read Through…

B.Com Distance Education is an undergraduate program in commerce which is designed for those students who have completed their 10+2 successfully. This is a three-year program which generates professional skills among students or working professionals who have selected courses such as Statistics, Economics, Finance, Taxation, and Accounting. The main objective of B.Com Distance Learning Course is to render the prospective students with the outspread array of operational skills.

According to this way, the students will not only survive in this competitive market but also fulfill their dreams in an easy manner. This is becauseB.Com Correspondence offers a bright career for those students who have an interest in the financial workspace and want to pursue their career in any financial organization. It’s true; this career-oriented program can open doors in various financial sectors where you can easily earn a lot as per your skill sets and expertise.

Eligibility & Duration of B.COM Distance Learning Course

A student, who has passed the senior secondary education in any stream, can easily go with B.Com distance learning course. Through this three-year course, the prospective students can easily learn on various subjects which are related to this course. Have a look on some of the given below subjects of online B.COM course.

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