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Know About the B.A Fast Track Course

Want to achieve a B.A degree in one year which you have left in any year of your graduate program just because of some reasons? If you agree, don’t be disappointed as there is the best option where you will able to get a degree i.e. free counseling. There are the three simple ways where you can get a degree in one year. These are stated below:
  • Credit Transfer
  • Lateral Entry
  • Breaking Study

You Can Go With Credit Transfer:

 In this option, if you have completed your first and second year of B.A from any recognized university and left the course in middle or got fail in the third year of your B.A program, there is an option where you will be able to complete your graduation from another university. In this case, we have an offer for you where you can directly get admission in another university to complete your graduation in one year.

Second One is Lateral Entry:

If you have completed any diploma program in any stream and want to take admission in graduation in a similar field, there is the best opportunity for you i.e. you can directly take admission in 2nd or 3rd year in order to get Graduation degree in one year. This will surely make the best option for you. Instead of this, the terms and conditions may vary from university to university. That’s why you can get enroll yourself today to continue your study where you will also able to create a path for your career by getting a degree in one year.

The Third one is Breaking Study:

This is another option to get a degree in one year for creating a path for your career by getting a degree in one year. If you have left your education after doing the 1st year, 2nd year or 3rd year of your B.A program, you can get enroll yourself for the 3rd year directly B.A program through our fast-track courses. Doesn’t matter, whether you had passed or failed in your B.A graduation program you should have three years of an educational gap after completing 10+2. There is a condition that if you join this B.A program to get the degree in one year, you will have to write examinations for all the three years in a one go only and pay rest of the required fee of your B.A graduation program.

What is the B.A Distance Learning Course?

B.A. stands for ‘Bachelor of Arts’ which is an undergraduate degree program encompasses the major area of study courses, general education, electives, and so on. Because of the flexible degree, B.A distance learning program delivers prospective students with the optimal balance between flexible course options and a defined sequence of study. If you join B.A distance learning course, you will know the basic value of critical and creative thinking, language and communication skills, problem-solving, leadership development, and an understanding of teamwork. Besides this, the online BA course comes as one of the oldest and the most popular degree programs which is opted by most of the students. It offers a wide range of subjects where the prospective students can pick their interesting subjects what they want to study. Usually, most of the students consider this program as a simple graduation program that cannot offer them good career opportunities in their future, but this is not a truth. There are several career opportunities can be seen after obtaining the Distance/online B.A degree.

Eligibility Criteria of B.A Distance Education Program

A student must have passed the 10+2 education from any recognized school or board in order to take admission in B.A distance education program. Also, this program invites the students who have completed their senior secondary education from science or commerce stream. Duration of Online B.A Degree Online B.A course is the three-year study program where the students can get themselves enrolled for their choice of subjects.

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