MBA or e-MBA; what is the difference?

MBA or Master’s Business Administration is a sought –after the program by the students who want to get into the managerial positions or who want to develop the managerial and leadership skills. If you have decided to do an MBA, then it is one of the most prudent decisions that you could have ever made as the MBA degree will get you jobs with high packages. E-MBA stands for Executive MBA and is quite similar to the regular MBA program. In case you are dubious on which MBA course you should opt for, this guide will help you spot the difference between a regular MBA and an Executive MBA.

Executive MBA, as the name suggests, is designated for the office executives. You need to have a few years of work experience to get into the executive MBA program. There was a time when people thought that it was not easy to continue studies and the job. But with programs like E-MBA and with flexible class timings, it has now become possible for the working professionals to continue their studies along with their job.

Regular MBA is a regular full-time course meant for the students aspiring to learn managerial skills and want to get jobs in reputed industries in managerial posts.

Let’s do a comparative analysis of the MBA and e-MBA based on different parameters:

Duration: The regular MBA program is generally for two or three years, whereas the E-MBA program will be of 1 or a maximum of 2 years of duration.

Eligibility: For seeking admission in Executive MBA, you will need a graduation degree with fifty percent in aggregate, and preference will be given to you if you have a work experience of two years or more.

For a regular MBA, you will need a score of 50 percent or more in graduation. You must have passed from a reputed University along with that you will need a score of any entrance exam like CAT or MAT or anything equivalent.

Fees: The fees of Executive MBA is lesser than the regular MBA

Class timing: For regular MBA, the classes are conducted throughout the academic year. For an executive MBA, the classes are conducted only during the weekends to help the working professional attend the classes.

Approach: In the regular MBA you will find a practical and a theoretical approach whereas in the E-MBA you will find an only practical approach

Appropriate for: The regular MBA is apt for students who want to get an MBA degree to get into managerial positions in the corporates. The Executive MBA is meant for the people who are already working, but they want a better boost in their career.

Course: The regular MBA is a full-time program whereas the E-MBA is a part-time program.

Both the MBAs are helpful and would guarantee you a better position in the corporate sector. However, it would be best if you determined which MBA will suit you better based on your aspirations and eligibility. It would help if you remembered that whichever course you choose, you need to choose a reputed institute for the course completion. It would help if you also made sincere efforts to understand the subjects well and clear your concept. A proper understanding of the subjects in the course will help you in your career path. You are also recommended to check the universities’ and colleges’ reviews and ratings before applying for one. Many universities are not accredited, and they will offer part-time executive MBA programs. It would help if you refrained from studying in those universities as you may not get good jobs post-completion. The college should be selected carefully so that you will get the value of the degree.

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