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B.Sc IT Distance Education

BSC IT Distance Education – About BSC and its available courses

IT sector is the most developing sector and because of this, there are more career opportunities in these sectors. That’s why more and more students going for BSC course in order to become IT professional. Well, students this aim can be accomplished by Distance Education through BSC IT Distance Education. The duration of this course program is 3 years and divided in 6 semesters.

Besides this, students will learn the below listed things from it:
1. In this program students will learn about the programming language of computer and about IT environment.
2. Throughout the program students will teach about problem solving skills and through it students will be able to know about analytical skills.
3. Lessons will teach students about advance IT application and how to operate it. Besides this, there are different applications for different sectors and students will learn about them in this program.
4. Multi-tasking and multi-programming is required in every IT sector and through our program students will be able to gain knowledge about them. Also, we teach students how to handle such situations.
5. Lessons also include computer based solutions.
Well, this is about the program and now looks for the subjects and courses of BSC IT Distance Education.

Course structure of BSC
Well, the course structure is divided according to the semesters and we describe here about each semester course:
• 1st semester: It includes fundamental of IT, Digital Electronics, English, principle of C programming, programming Lab-1.
• 2nd semester: Data file structure, computer architecture, data communication basics and programming Lab-II.
• 3rd semester: Operating system, computer networks, and object oriented programming also known as JAVA, DBMS, Programming Lab-III, and DBMS Lab.
• 4rth semester: Human computer interface, web system and technology, probability and statics, software engineering, Web programming-I, Web programming Lab –I.
• 5th semester: Mobile and wireless technology, software testing, cyber security, Elective-I, Software Engineering Lab, Mobile programming Lab and Mini project.
• 6th semester: Web programming-II, Elective –II, Web programming Lab-II and at least major project.
The above is syllabus of BSC IT Distance Education and students will learn the above topics throughout the program.
Besides this, we have a large number of universities who offer courses regarding BCA. All the universities are certified by the government and from DEB and totally safe to get degree from our suggested universities. We offer the best platform for distance education.

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