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What is the Meaning of M.A Distance Education Program?

The full form of M.A is Master of Arts which is a postgraduate course and considered as a non-science subject. It encompasses literature, visual arts, performing arts, including drama, music, film, and so on. This online M.A course is available in many languages like Hindi, English, Foreign Languages, and English Languages. Moreover, this program of Arts involves examinations, lectures, and seminars which help students to learn their subjects in an easy manner.

When it comes to talking about M.A distance education course, it is a course which is designed for those students or working individuals who don’t want to be a part of regular M.A. Behind this, there can be various reasons such as financial constraints, personal issues, health problems, family responsibilities, and much more. So, if you count yourself among given above, without wasting a single moment, you should go with M.A distance learning course. This will be the right decision for you to achieve a degree without attending regular classes of M.A.Actually, most of the students think that M.A distance education doesn’t provide quality study but it is a myth. Distance learning is much better than land-based learning when it is about PG (Post-Graduation) or UG (Under Graduation) courses as it saves the time and money of prospective students.

Eligibility & Duration of M.A Distance Learning Course

  • The candidates who want to apply for M.A distance learning course must have completed their bachelor’s degree in B.A (Bachelor of Arts).
  • Online M.A degree is a two-year degree program like other correspondence or regular M.A programs.

Know Some of the Specializations of Online M.A Course

  • Master of Arts in History
  • Master of Arts in Philosophy
  • Master of Arts in Education
  • Master of Arts in English
  • Master of Fine Arts
  • Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Master of Arts in Geography

The Course Structure of Online M.A Degree

As mentioned above, it is a two-year degree program where the prospective students will learn about different subjects. So, let’s have a look at the structure of M.A Distance Education course which is given below:

  •     First Year

Introduction of distance education, students will study about the basis of economics, about drama and music which are related to media, about open universities and Distance Education.

  •    Second Year

In second year course, we teach students about technology and distance education, about online and virtual distance education, research about distance education and master thesis.

Great Benefits of Choosing M.A Correspondence

Besides this, what are the amazing benefits if students will go for M.A distance learning? Well, all the benefits are listed below:

  • Outperform Classroom Teaching

Well, this is the quality of our offered M.A distance learning course as students will not need any physical classroom or even physical content. This is because outperform classroom teaching is flexible and much better than land-based classrooms.

  • Individual Attention

In a classroom, the teacher will not able to give personal attention to each and every student but with virtual classes, students will get personal attention from the experienced teachers where they can ask any doubt regarding the lessons.

  • Get Content on I-Pads and I- Phone

We have technical staffs who know how to utilize technology for the betterment of students. That’s why we provide them proper reading content on their I-phones and I-pads. In this way, students will able to read and study anywhere and they don’t need to carry on heavy books and bags.

  • Students Will Learn Real World Skills

Although students will get lessons through the virtual world but still we teach students set of skills which will be effective in real world. Mainly, we provide them practical knowledge along with the theoretical knowledge.

So, what are you up to? Just visit our website to get more details about this M.A correspondence.”

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