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Here the best MCA Fast Track Course!

Just get one more attempt to complete your MCA post-graduation in one year which you have left due to some reasons. It’s true if you want to achieve MCA degree in one year, we are the right platform for you where you will able to enroll yourself in a UGC recognized university as there are three points wherein you can easily achieve a degree.

  1. Credit Transfer
  2. Lateral Entry
  3. Breaking Study

The First Point is Credit Transfer

If you are a student and you have done your MCA by continuing the only 1stand got fail in 2nd or the 1st year then you have left your MCA post-graduation in the middle or you have completed only 1st then you can join our offered MCA fast-track course to get a degree in one year. Doing this, you will able to take an admission directly in 1st or 2nd year in another UGC recognized university.

The Second Point is Lateral Transfer

This point is really very impressive for those who have completed their diploma or graduation. If you count yourself among ones who are completed their diploma or graduation, there is the best option where you can take admission directly in 2nd year or 1st year in any another UGC approved for completing your MCA postgraduate program.

The Third Point is Breaking Study:

If you want to complete your MCA postgraduate program which you have left after completing the 1st year, you can directly take an admission in any of the years to complete your MCA post-graduate program through our offered MCA fast-track course where we allow you to take admission in any year to complete your MCA post-graduation in one year.

What is the Meaning of MCA Distance Learning Course?

With the increasing of high demand for IT professionals in the current IT marketplace, MCA distance learning course has become the utmost priority of most of the students who want to make their career in IT industries but can’t be a part of regular MCA due to some problems. So, if you are one of above them, you can easily look for a bright future by doing this professional online MCA course in computer science. Basically, MCA distance education is created for those students or working professionals who cannot afford the regular college fee, cannot relocate to another city because of some family responsibility or don’t want to leave their jobs just because of doing regular MCA.

Moreover, it is a three-year course whereby a student learns lots of basic and advanced concepts of programming, web designing, database handling and much more. This online MCA degree is designed to equip students with the latest software and web technologies in order to meet the requirement of IT professionals in the IT industries.

Now let’s discuss the eligibility and scope of the MCA distance learning course.

Eligibility of MCA Distance Education

  • A student who has completed their BCA program then he/she can easily get an admission for MCA distance education.
  • If you are a non-BCA holder, you can also apply for online MCA course but you must have mathematics as a subject in your 10+2 education.

Know Some of the Specializations of MCA Distance Learning Course

Specialization includes:

  • Master of Computer Science (MCS)
  • Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)
  • Master of Information Technology (M.I.T.)
  • Master of Science in Information Technology

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