Science is one of the most famous streams of study amongst the students at the 10+2 level. Students nowadays always prefer to keep all their career options open to avail the maximum chances and to get a better job. Many choose the science stream as it provides them with a wide range of career options after their 12th boards. A great benefit of choosing the science stream is that they can have an additional advantage over the Arts and Commerce students because Science students are eligible for almost all Science as well as non-science career options. Moreover, science students can select the most sought-after careers like Engineering and Medicine and also pursue further education in Pure Sciences or Applied Sciences at Post Graduate levels.

Due to the overbearing nature of this stream, most of the students often end up wondering as to what would be the best career option for them after their 12th.So, in this article, we will provide you with a glimpse of the career options that you could opt for after Science 10+2.

Course Options After 12th For Science Students

While there are various courses at a science student’s disposal, a lot of them also come with their set of prerequisites. These courses will depend on whether the student has previously opted for PCB/PCM or PCMB subject combinations at the 10+2 level.

For a PCB/PCM student, some popular course options after 12th are:-

  • MBBS
  • B. Sc – Nursing
  • B.Sc in Pure Sciences
  • Pharma
  • E./B.Tech
  • B. Arch
  • B. Sc in IT & Software
  • BCA, etc.

A PCMB student on the other hand is eligible for almost all the courses. They can opt from a wide array of courses which are available for both PCM as well as PCB categories. 

Besides the above mentioned technical courses, Science students can also opt for some general under-graduation courses like BSc (Hons.)/BSc in Anthropology, Hospitality and Travel, Physiotherapy, Microbiology, Biotechnology, and many more. 

A few non- science career options available for science students after 12th are:- 

  • BA in Humanities/Social Sciences
  • Des in Animation/Design
  • BFA
  • BJMC
  • BBA, etc.

Some Job and Career Options After 12th Science

A student who has completed their BE/B Tech degree can choose from a variety of job options like computer science engineers, civil engineers, automobile engineers, mechanical engineers, and more. There are also several career options after 12th for a student who has completed a BSc degree which include being a scientist, teacher, defence-related services, Government jobs, MBA, CA and more. Candidates can also choose to excel in extracurricular activities rather than opting for typical science stream careers. In that case, one can become an Artist, Singer, Dancer, Player, Writer or pretty much anything else that one is passionate about.

Therefore, it’s always advised to the students that they must take a wise decision before choosing the right subject for their under-graduation. One must select a course as per their choice and interest and not by force or unwillingness. Selecting the proper courses at UG level will help you to pursue your dream career. 

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